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Jackson and Willow

Jackson and Willow

Made in the UK, Jackson & Willow is an innovation based haircare range developed with effective actives and botanical ingredients.

Specially formulated to solve the unmet needs of curly haired kids who struggle with tangles, dryness and product build up. The equation is simple, gentle cleansing and more conditioning – for curls of all shapes and sizes. 

It all started when Mary, had her two young sons, Matthew, 4, and Gabriel, 2 – both born with exuberant curls - Mary realised she needed something that would deliver speedy, easy detangling to make hair-washing time with wriggly toddlers more of a pleasure than a show-down. 

Frustrated with the lack of options in the market, Mary took up the challenge herself.

She went back to basics and began the hunt for ingredients to create specialist products that lived up to their promises for every kind of curl, whether softly wavy, strongly corkscrew or fine and frizz-prone. 

The breakthrough came when Mary discovered the properties of the Okra vegetable, which is unusually rich in vitamins and minerals. “I became aware of okra as a fantastic DIY recipe for nourishing and styling curly hair".

Jackson and Willow haircare brand is born : discover the products below !